Basement Remodeling

Steps to Take in Preparing for Renovation

When you think about remodeling, you often think about common rooms, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and so on. However, one room that you might never think about is the basement. Generally, this wide space is used for storage – and is left to the mercy of time where it is consumed by mold and dust.

Still, you have finally decided that you want to put your basement space to good use – but where can you even start with the renovation process? How do you even tackle such a big renovation process so that the final result is something worth living in? Well, here are a few steps that you might want to follow.

  1. Decide on What You Want to Create

What do you want to turn your basement into? Do you want to turn it into another living room, or do you wish to add one more kitchen into the mix? Depending on what you choose to do, you might need to tackle the renovation process differently. For instance, if you are planning to turn it into a bath, you might want to focus more on the plumbing – and for that, you might need a contractor.

  1. Waterproof the Basement

Water and humidity in your basement can lead to all kinds of problems, as the underground areas are already prone to mold and mildew. This is the last thing you want with a finished basement – so, you might want to make sure that your contractor properly waterproofs the place. Make sure to also invest in insulation.

  1. Repair the Foundation

If you haven’t done anything to remodel your basement up until now, the chances are that there are going to be cracks in the foundation. Before you tackle any projects, make sure that you tend to those cracks – because once you cover those areas, there won’t be any other way for you to get to them.

  1. Prepare the Floor

Regardless of the type of floor that you are planning to install, you might want to start by leveling the subfloor. You may use concrete or any other leveling material to do so (it may also depend on the contractor). Still, you need to ensure everything is leveled out properly so that the room does not end up slanted.

  1. Tackle the Electrical and Plumbing Design

One more preparation step that you cannot skip is designing your plumbing and electrical system. Do you want to turn the basement into a home theater, with a lot of fancy equipment – or do you wish to make it a fully equipped spa room? You need to include these in your bathroom before you start designing the walls and the furniture.

Concluding Remarks

Basements are always the rooms that are left up to chance – decaying while not in use. However, if you renovate that basement, you will get a good extra room which you may use to its full extent. Still, make sure that you hire a good professional for that. Contact Renovate Ready to find a vetted trade professional.

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