Landscape Trends

Landscape Trends

Landscape Trends to Try This Year

When we are thinking to remodel the house, there are many things that we take into consideration: changing the cabinets from our kitchen, replacing the tiles in the bath, and a variety of other things as well. However, the last thing we always seem to think about is the garden or the outdoor area around our house – which is almost always in need of some landscaping.

However, with so many ideas flying around, which one would be trendier to try out? What will be popular in 2020, ensuring that your home will be nice and trendy inside out? Well, if you are out of ideas, here are a few tips for you.

  • Ornate Geometric Designs

Ornate geometric designs have become quite trendy in interior home décor – but now, people are more than eager to take that trend outside as well. A lot of people are incorporating textured materials, lattice, and waves into their backyards – but also use a variety of materials to create interesting patterns.

  • Shades of Blue

Blue has been a top color for a long time, mostly thanks to its calming effect. And while dark navy and cobalt hues have been a great hit for interior decoration, people are beginning to bring it more and more on the outdoors as well. No matter if you are opting for blue flowers or furniture with blue pillows, this will certainly make your backyard stand out.

  • Local Plants

There was a time where people went with all kinds of exotic plants – but now, local plants are all the rage. They make everything seem much cozier and welcoming than any other type of flowers ever could.

Plus, the chances are that they are not very expensive to purchase either – since you can buy them locally. When you don’t go out of your way for a purchase, you should be able to come out of it without drilling a hole through your budget.

  • Remote-Controlled Irrigation

To keep the landscape around your house trendy, there is one thing that you need to give serious consideration: irrigation. When your plants are dying from the heat or not being watered enough, your garden will obviously not look its best – which is why you might want to consider remote control irrigation.

This way, you can set a timer for the irrigation system to start or you may even start it yourself by using a smartphone (if you install a smart irrigation system). It is a great investment to ensure that your backyard stays nice and fresh – even if you are away from home for most of the day. Just make sure to get the right contractor to do the deed for you.

  • Paving Stones

Paving stones were and will continue to be a great hit in 2020 as well, mostly due to the fact that they look so luxurious yet traditional. Many people use them to create walkways and adorn them with plants on the side as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to renovate – and with this, you should not forget your backyard. However, make sure that you choose a company such as Renovate Ready to match you with a vetted trade professional.

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