Of Course! We do... Check out the testimonials!

This group helped me so much in purchasing the perfect couch, so I figured I’d get some opinions/recommendations on beds!

I LOVE this group and appreciate all of the talent, ideas, and recommendations more than you know... Our family is building a home in Round Hill.. and after waiting almost 10 months for it to be completed, we are finally entering the home stretch... The fun part has started. My dream is to one day work in the design field... but for now I just pretend. 🙂

I want to take a moment to thank everyone on this group, I have learned so much from your posts and love seeing your before and after. Encouraged by all of it, I took on a project to design my daughter’s room. I am really proud of the design and the fact that my husband and I did all the work. No befor pics but it was bare and empty. ?

I took the advice of the group and went for something less busy and simple. 3x9 glass tiles. Wife still partial to a 3x6 light travertine or similimar....what are your thoughts on the glass.