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Top Trends that Will Be All the Rage in 2020

With the start of the New Year, we are all looking for ways in which we can make our lives more stylish – and in accordance with the trends. If you feel that your home is looking boring, then you might want to consider giving it a “refresh” by adopting a design trend during a remodel. Here is what you might find rather interesting in respect to that.

  1. Dark Painted Doors

Up until recently, people would paint their doors in a standard white color – or at least a color that would mimic the one that is on the walls. This would give off a sensation of blending, providing uniformity to the room. In 2020, however, dark painted doors will likely be more popular – as people are already painting them more and more in this manner. Plus, paired with elegant hardware, a simple door may be turned into an artistic element.

  1. One-Paint Colored Rooms

Whenever you would step into a house, there would be one design that you would constantly see: colored walls, and white ceilings – creating a mix of colors that would certainly pop out. However, the trend of 2020 when it comes to home improvement would be to paint a room in just one color – including the walls, trim, and ceiling. This will make the room feel all the more enveloping.

  1. Open Shelving

Whenever someone had plans to renovate their home, they would first start by changing or updating the cabinets – but now, they are opting for taking them down altogether. Open shelving has become a very popular trend – mostly due to its practicality and its ability to give space to a room. If you add these shelves into the kitchen, for example, it will appear much bigger. That’s because the visibility of the wall will create the impression of space.

  1. Quartz Accents

It is expected that this tough material will be seen anywhere in 2020, no matter if it’s the bath, the kitchen, or the laundry room. Not only can you find it at a reasonable price, but it is also very durable as well as resistant to stains. It is an investment that can be used for pretty much anything – and is also something that sports quite a nice elegance.

  1. Champagne Colored Rooms

Champagne is likely to be one of the biggest color trends of 2020 – and if you think this color is boring, you could not be any more wrong. Slowly, but surely, champagne is replacing cool grey, and is also a natural tone that will make any room seem warmer. You may also pair it with some bold materials and textures to add more interest to the room.

Final Thoughts

No renovation process is easy to tackle, and you might want to be ready to invest some time into it as well. However, with the right contractor and the perfect idea, you should be able to create an amazing home design. Contact Renovate Ready, to find a vetted trade professional for your project.

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